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I Live Inside My Poetry

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I live inside my poetry lost within the lines and phrases.
I make my poetry dance around playing along the wind,
Each line is lonelier than the past and each word is friendlier than the last.
Poetry is the language in which my soul, my mind and heart commune and cluster…
I hide myself inside my poetry so would you read a page from my soul, just one at a time ?
Wait for me in poetry… that’s where I will be !
Lost in words, lost in lines… lost in somewhere between the conversation I  never had with anyone… feel me inside my poetry in my words…
In the single  line poetry rhyme…
In a few sad verse…
An ode to self…
In a folk tale ballad…
In the fleeting sentences…
In a sonnet cry.
In deep lyric song.
They are not just poem you seek me in,
But the words I can’t utter.
I pledge none of my writings are for bread and butter,
Why I write because I am trapped in letters between my heart and mind where my soul wanders…
In poems my soul escapes entrapped but free,
These words have helped me so much it would be cruel not to give them a place to live here and breathe.
My heart my poetry my words are one.
And if you ever fall in love with them. You might be unable to run… so for once, are you ready to read my poem beneath my soul, for a page to be just one ?

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About the Author:

I am story teller since I was a little girl, I used to surprise and scare my friends, family members and lots of kids with my silly stories. As a youngster I gave them a totally different perspective about difference situations. I never knew till I grew up and started writing short stories that I felt I cannot say in person I had this passion in me to write and send a message across. I feel nothing ever dies you can bring everything very much alive no feelings or person can die here nobody will reject you here and you are free to send your stories and take revenge in print. I love to write what people are unable to say and sometimes you have to risk making a fool out of yourself and it does gives me strength to do all things I am afraid of. A word after a word after a word is power only a writer knows.