Lilly Singh Broke the Stereotype And Won Our Hearts by Her Talent


Everyone of us knows who this personality is, don’t we? We as humans look at each and every thing as per our own convenience; be it another person or a thing, we somehow derive our selfish needs from them.
Yes, I am going to write a total fan kind of blog right now because obviously, IT IS SUPERWOMAN I am talking about.

The ones of my age might be knowing who she is, or at least would have heard of her. But, for the elder ones, I need to explain them what personality she is. So basically, Lilly Singh came from a Punjabi family, lived in Canada and has a PhD is psychology. Unlike all of us, she had a dream. A dream of becoming a Vlogger. She started her youtube channel after months of depression. It is also said that the first vlog she had shot was deleted within days because she wasn’t that confident about it. She had a crush on Dwayne Jhonson AKA The Rock. She did not want the 9-5 shift and working like a robot. Hence, she tried doing something out of her life. She told her parents about her vlogging, and at first, even they were against it. They wanted their daughter to do something productive not knowing what she might become some day. For now, they are extremely proud parents. Lilly has an elder sister whose YouTube channel goes like ‘MOM BOSS OF 3’ as she is a mother of three cuties.

From Lilly’s life, I have understood one thing that we don’t need to cling onto depression for a long time because eventually it will either tear us apart or we’ll come out of it being a better person. So why not work of fighting the depression rather than being the victim? It is really very easy to give excuses and sit aback doing nothing but it takes a lot of hard work to prove yourself. I still remember, she made a vlog in which she did not have a proper topic, she herself said that she was making that video just because she was feeling low. In her video, she even said that except her, there might be many people across the globe feeling the same ache in their chests, and hence the video was to soothe the lost souls.

Lilly has achieved a lot in life. She earns, her parents are happy, she is happy and everything is probably in the right place. Something that I count as a reward is that she has met people she once dreamt of. She has met Dwayne Jhonson and Selena Gomez (her female crush). Except them, she has met all bollywood celebrities and has collaborated with most of the viners including AIB’s team.
If she isn’t goals, I don’t know what is?

You might be thinking that why am I blogging only about her and no one else?
That is because, Lilly has given me hope. She has given that extra confidence of speaking in front of people. She has shown that there 100% comes a sunny day after every dark night. Just the way every one has a celebrity to meet once in their lifetime, Lilly Singh is that celebrity for me.
I can just hope and wish to meet her someday and tell all of this in person. I am going to be positive in every aspect of life and keep hoping that I am able to grab some of her time,some day in future.

I normally do not blog things like these but here, SUPERWOMAN deserves it.

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