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Most challenging problem of Pakistan.
Print media seldom presents the reports on illiteracy rate of Pakistan provincially, due to
this problems are branch out, because it ramifies others. There is a little access of print
media in the rural areas to make the people aware. Honor killing, fornication, child
marriage, other such kind of absurd, and the preposterous problems happen there just
because of illiteracy.
In 2013, I marveled to read a report presented by a Sindhi newspaper; it reported a
vulnerable system of education. It also comprises barren constructions, susceptible
buildings and the number of winded up the schools. it reports as, in the regime of former
provincial minister of education of Sindh, Pir Mazharul Haq, approximately 500 primary
schools for boys and girls were remain closed among 1888 schools.
In Dado, 140 of 566, in Johi 150 of 476, in Mehar 85 of 430 and in Khairpur Nathan shah
the number of closed schools was 100 among 416. In other respective Talkas 218 schools
were barreled of construction and their buildings were in dangerous position. It is not an
exaggeration to say that he (former provincial minister of education of Sindh Pir
Mazharul Haq) did impoverish the education in his personal arena then what about other
spheres? It can be argued and guessed that there may be same and immoderate idle

Education is the basic and the most fundamental element for the prosperity because
without its betterment no nation can develop in this challenging world. It is also having
the purpose of changing the mindset of the people but now it seems to be bottom up,
Because now a days the education system is designed only to produce the clerks and the
workers for the increasing of the income of their owners and the masters. Now a question
erects here, who is the responsible for this created problem. Let me securing the answer
to this blurred question then ball is in the court of readers. Few days ago, I read a report
of an English newspaper on poor education which described a heinous and vicious
system of our education that characterized the Pakistan at the number of 117th among 120
countries in terms of education. Another report of Sindhi newspaper pronounced that the
budget of Rs 120 Arabs is allocated to education sector from which 70% is only for the
vanished teachers. Instead of this, they hand the schools over to hollowness, and they get
the rest at their homes. They completely demolish the education system of our Pakistan.
They enroll their children in private schools but they worsen and betray to the future of
poor children in terms of their (teachers) absence. We were listening the hateful sayings
of our teachers in our primary school that they were saying that (Parho na parho asaan jee
paghaar kharo). It means they were saying that you read may not read but our salary
erects. It is enormously clear that their purpose is not to teach the students but to earn
money. They do not teach the students sincerely at the schools then they pronounce that”
join our centre of excellence”. Instead of these students achieve nothing, it is elitist that
they enrich their business, that’s why education is not found in business but the business
is found in education. It is a big threat to our education. What was in my opinion I
presented that, now it is up to the readers that whom they make the responsible one? It is
the high time to save the future of thousands of the students by measuring the strict steps
collectively, because education is the only and the most effective solution to problems.
I wondered to see such kind of susceptible security system which is sold on the nuts,
cigarette and few amount of money. It happens on the occasion of examinations. From
lower to upper level of people take it over the years. Anti-corruption department should
rapidly measure the steps to stop this crappy system at all the costs. Transformation of
education is the only threat to all the political and the social corruption.
When the students go to seek the job after passing out their degrees they are pessimistic
in terms of not having any kind of experience and attractive personality after they
(students) go to work at the factories as the workers. This is the injustices with them and
they are dejected at the best. By showing this hateful attitude it is compelling to them to
become terrorist and extremist. Huge number of suicide events occurs due to this.
There is no problem without solution but there is an intense need of paying attention for
measuring the positive steps. Economy is the basic and the most fundamental tool to
solve every problem. Investing more economy in education along with appointment of
talented and young teachers and making committee to check and balance regarding
attendance of the teachers is the irresistible step or making education advanced as well.
Then finally education is basic and powerful aspect of life which solves every problem
and hinders the evils at best.

RAMEEZ ALI MAHESAR | When I Write | 2016

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