These Illustrations Just Aptly Throw Light On Our Addiction To Technology


The use of technology in today’s digital world is very common and there is nothing wrong with it. But there is a difference between use and overuse about which many people are certainly careless and pay no heed to the fact that the overuse of technology can prove to be toxic sometimes.

It may have negative impacts on your lives leading to poor health and developing bad habits. Without balance we are making technology to negatively influence our lives which is also damaging the soul purpose of technology that was to provide ease and comfort.

For instance, mobile phones with lots of features have been invented to provide ease to people by taking the phone with them wherever they go unlike the old bulky telephone sets. Mobile phones were made to use internet easily if people need it.

But instead, people started overusing the mobile phones and internet till late hours, that too for no constructive purpose.

With passing days, people have become addicted to the technology and can’t manage to live a day without using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

There are some illustrations which also threw light on people’s addiction to technology in a humorous and satirical way and we found them all on point.

Art is mostly the best way to convey the messages by just one illustration or painting. And these illustrations aptly did the same and told us that how much we are used to of the technology.

1. Literally there are no outdoor activities now

How alarming and sad it is that kids no longer play outdoor games and instead prefer to play games on gadgets. Outdoor activities keep one healthy while sitting whole day infront of gadgets could prove dangerous for health.


2. Likes matter so much

To be honest, people do weird things to get likes and this shows that how much importance people give to some few likes.


3. That’s how it goes


4. Bye bye to literature

Hardly people read books now as mobile phones and internet are getting used for having knowledge despite knowing the fact that book reading is a healthy habit.


5. How much social media affects us

We have literally attached our happiness and sadness with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc.


6. No private life, actually

People put every single happening of their lives on their social media accounts and consequently, there is no “private life” term anymore.


7. Relationship goals? Lols!

Physically present with your partner but mentally absent.


8. Weird you!

A person without any gadget in a bunch of all having gadgets makes one a weirdo, surely.


9. Zombies our there!


10. What’s on TV?


11. Caged and trapped

Actually this illustration is telling it all.


12. Enslaved by the gadgets

Congrats! You are a full-time servant.


13. Roots are right here



14. Not alone? Yeah right!


15. Gossip via social media is so common

Gossiping and trolling are some toxic habits which have been increased among people even more by the overuse of social media.


However, we should ponder on whether we are using or overusing the technology. If the result turned out to be in favour of the overuse then we should reflect whether the overuse is for constructive purpose or no. If not, then try to quit this habit which is nothing but toxic.

Note: All the images in this article belong to their real artists. We haven’t designed them;¬†all credits to their original artists.

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