These Illustrations Truly Explain How Lovely It Is To Have A Relationship


Having a relationship in your life is not essential and one can live without a partner in life. Since, mostly, relationships are nothing but merely lust these days, it’s actually better to keep yourself away from any relationship.

But this artist named Lynn Choi made some lovely and adorable illustrations based on how amazing and sweet it is to be a part of duo.

Lynn Choi is an Auckland-based artist who was born in Korea; she illustrated some of the daily life scenes of a couple which accurately explain that love is in little things and it is so lovely to have a relationship.

Though we can’t neglect the traumatic side effects of any relationship appearing in today’s society at one side; then at the other side, we also can’t avoid the fact that when two persons truly and really love each other then there is nothing more beautiful than having a legitimate relationship with them.

However, these illustrations by this Auckland-based artist portray the beauty of love and having a relationship in totally an awe-inspiring manner.

1. When you wake up and find out that your man is preparing a breakfast for you is the best feeling

Men hardly step in kitchen and regard cooking as women’s job but if your man is not a typical soul then you are one lucky woman.


2. He feeds you while you work because he really loves you and cares about you

When you are too busy in your work and it’s almost time to have food and he comes to feed you while you keep on working is just so blissful.


3. When your man makes sure that you remain safe and not afraid

Having a bad dream in night is at times terrifying but if instead of yelling at your for being afraid, he keeps you safe and cares for you, then oh girl! You are the luckiest.


4. Enjoying alone rather than going out in crowd

Love is always not about having dinner in lavish restaurants while wearing fancy clothes. Many times, it’s literally ravishing to be with your soulmate and partner in a warm room; it’s actually peaceful too.


5. Waiting for bus with your love of life is even blissful

When you love a person truly and actually then everything looks amazing and nice with them. Whether it be waiting for bus or standing in long queues, it’s all fun with your spouse.


To be honest, these illustrations are just so beautiful and splendid that we are thinking to recommend everyone to have a relationship.

But on a serious note, these things are only experienced, loved and enjoyed by the ones who literally love each other without any purpose and not everyone can experience such scenes.

Source: Lynn Choi

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