Imad Wasim Emotional Message For All Of His Fans From Hospital


Pakistan Super League 2018 is also known as PSL 3 or HBL PSL 2018. A franchise 20 20 cricket league which was established by the Pakistan cricket board in 2015. It features six teams. PSL matches brings lots of excitement in the people, and also cricket lovers take it by many other memes. Also jokes apart, but the best part of this PSL is Fawad Rana the owner of Lahore Qalanders. Lahore Qalander lost first 6 matches but still people love Fawad Rana just because of his positivity and enthusiasm. But finally Lahore Qalanders won from Karachi Kings. Well this match was like the match of Pakistan vs India. With sports comes injuries. Imad wasim also got injured in this match.

Imad Wasim (all rounder) the SHAAN of Karachi Kings has been declared stable after left handed cricketer injured himself when he was playing for Karachi Kings vs Lahore Qalanders. Imad Wasim who is been a skipper, suffered a mild trauma while he was running backward mid-off to take a catch. PSL made an official tweet about Imad’s condition and they also confirmed that he will back soon.



Imad was prescribed to take rest for minimum 24 hours, Ravi Bopara (England’s all-rounder) took Imad’s place and lead the match. Our lala Shahid Afridi made some changes on the field. After injury, there were some crude changes that were appear during the match. Anyhow, it was a memorable match.

Lahore Qalander lost many matches but this match turned out to be good for them because the match ended at a tie score and the jury had to give a super over. This super over turned the tables and the destiny decided to be on Lahore Qalander’s side. People were happy for Fawad Rana. We can totally see him being an internet celebrity.

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