Imran khan ranked as the 2nd best politician in the world


Proud! Proud!
The former cricketer who brought World Cup trophy home in 1992, has got no chills and is unstoppable whether it is cricket or politics. Pakistani team won the World Cup under the captaincy of this great man.

20 years ago this man stood up for the rights of Pakistanis by founding Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf in 1996. With the time being, his party kept reaching to the heights of glory and he became one of the most dominant politicians of Pakistan. In the elections of 2013, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf appeared as the second most supported party all over the country by a rich number of votes. He also served as UNICEF’s representative for sports and by 1991, he has founded Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust in the memory of his mother, Mrs. Shaukat Khanum who died of cancer. Later, he established Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital which was the one and only cancer hospital in Pakistan.

In April 2008, he also organized the technical college Namal College which has now become a university. He also joined hands with many foundations to start different campaigns which helped and would help people of Pakistan in many aspects.

In every field IK has been struggling to get Pakistan a successful and bright future and he is most attracted towards the youth of Pakistan. He always did what others were unable to even think about. From the past few years, he held some huge and powerful processions which has affected a lot the politics of Pakistan. Recently in 2017, we got the biggest news as our Ex-President Nawaz Sharif got disqualified by Supreme Court and kudos to Imran Khan who fought for the justice and actually dared to question about all the corruption done with the wealth and resources of Pakistan.

Imran Khan has a strong connection with the youth of Pakistan and he keeps on influencing them to fight and achieve for their country. He is known for his supreme servings for the nation and is praised by enemies as well.

As the politicians play major role in the development of a country we always look for a person whose efforts are actually visible to us and we consider such person our leader. Not every politician can become a leader because some work for their own mean using their nasty politics but few of the politics, famous around the globe in media are found who work for the welfare of people.
We got a fresh ranking of Best Politicians 2018 in the world and we have very satisfying results.

Top 10 Most Powerful Politicians In The World 2018

Most Powerful Politicians

Xi Jinping

Imran Khan

Vladimir Putin

Donald Trump

Manuel Valls

David Cameron
United Kingdom

Narendra Modi

Angela Merkel

Hillary Clinton

Dilma Rousseff

Imran Khan stood second in this ranking and we can’t get enough of this. On the top is, Mr. Xi Jinping the Presiden of the People’s Republif of China.


Alhamdulillah! We thank him for all his endeavors and for making us feel super proud. We know Pakistan has unfortunately not a good image across the world but we appreciate such achievements by Pakistanis which create a better image of us. We congratulate Imran Khan for this accomplishment and wish him a successful political life and extreme victories.

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