These Indian Journalists Just Visited Pakistan And Loved Every Bit Of It

Indian Journalists

Since the beginning, one side of the story contains the tale of harsh relations between India and Pakistan, while the other side contains a picture totally different from the former one. These Indian Journalists’ visit to Pakistan also depicts the story different from conflict, a story which advocates peace and love.

Yes, despite the border tensions and other political issues, the natives of both the countries don’t miss the chance to show their love for eachother.

Indian Journalists

The common citizens of both the nations have showed several times that they want cordial ties with eachother that is undoubtedly so much to be pleased about in today’s era, where war is suggested to be the solution of every other problem.

Recently, on independence day, both the countries showed positive gestures by singing eachother’s national anthem which surely created an air of peace.

The credit goes to the “Voice of Ram” from India which started the trend first by presenting the Pakistan’s national anthem, sung by the Indian singers as a gift to Pakistan on their independence day.

Later, Voice of Ram” presented national anthems of both India and Pakistan sung by the artists from both the nations and called it as a “Peace Anthem.”

And this November once again, both the nations get to know that how much they can appreciate, love and praise eachother.

The Indian Journalists named Snigdha Poonam and Shivam Vij visited Lahore and Karachi and both of them loved every bit of these cities of Pakistan.

Food Street, Lahore.

Lahori Nashta is love for sure.

Lahore is much cleaner than Delhi, oops!

Delhi Gate and his pose. Perfect!

When others followed him too. 

Karaaahi. Nomnomnom!

Pak Tea House and those amazing pictures hanging on the wall. 

Karachi things.

Shaaadi in Karachi. 

Aww! :’)

Love. Love. Love.

Anarkali Bazar, Lahore. 


Both the journalists showed their immense love for Pakistan via their Twitter posts. Both Shivam Vij and Snigdha Poonam captured every little thing of Lahore and Karachi which showed us how much they have become obsessed with the cities.

Lahore, Lahore aye!

Our rickshaw art is fascinating and we know that.

Starplus craze, lool!

Shadi ka khana.


All these wonderful experiences of these two Indian Journalists have left us in total bliss and we hope to see the same kind of fraternity to be developed between the two nations in the coming future.

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