Indian Woman Forcefully Married To Pakistani Guy


As we all know that Pakistani man are third on world hottest list and so its natural that girls from many countries always get attracted towards them.

(Zada sir pe na charh jana larku)
Pakistani men have always had married girls from different countries but it is a remarkable history that when marriage crosses the border, it always invites trouble.
Yesterday the news broke down that an Indian doctor Uzma who is from Delhi met with Tahir Khan, a resident of KPK, in Malaysia.
She alleged that she was forced to marry Tahir Ali at gun point and she was unaware that Tahir was already married and was a father of four. Uzma said that she would not leave Indian high commission in Islamabad till she is repatriated with “full security”.
Tahir Khan had rejected all allegations and claimed that she already knew about his marriage and children and she was also previously married.
He further alleged that Indian high commission had detained Uzma when she went there to apply for his visa and was involved in pressurizing her to put false allegations against him.
After news came out Indian Media had officially took the role of ” dulhay ki saas” before anything had been proven they made the claim that their marriage was a forced incident.
Islamabad high court has given the date of 11 June for further proceeding of case.
So maybe next time, you should think twice at least before planning a marriage across the border… its a huge politics you would be dealing with next.

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