Iranian Girl Becomes Viral After News Of Her Undergoing 50 Surgeries To Look Like Angelina Jolie

Iranian girl

It’s been a day or two that your newsfeed must be showing you several posts, minutes after minutes, about an Iranian girl who underwent 50 surgeries to look like Angelina Jolie.

Iranian girl
Iranian girl after surgery
Iranian girl
Iranian girl after surgery

The Iranian girl is just 19-year-old named Sahar Tabar and the teen’s 50 surgeries have given her altogether a different look from her old looks.

The teen from the city Tehran of Iran claims to be a biggest and die-hard fan of Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie and can do anything to look her idol; reportedly, she’s very happy with her new looks.

Iranian girl
Angelina Jolie

Accroding to Al Arabiya, she underwent these 50 surgeries in a time of just few months.

Reportedly, according to New York Post, Sahar is also on a diet to maintain a 90-pound weight which makes her dangerously underweight.

New York Post also quoted that this news isn’t officially confirmed and it might be possible that her new looks are the outcome of the makeup or prosthetics.

However, after this news got shared on the internet, people from across the world can’t stop talking about this Iranian girl and her new looks.

Many people are passing weird judgements over her looks after surgeries and commenting the worst things possible.

While some are criticizing the trollers for trolling and judging Sahar. Some are also passing positive opinions on the teen’s looks after surgeries.


Sahar Tabar also keeps an Instagram account where she has got a huge number of followers till now; ultimately she’s taking over the internet.

Some people are also comparing her pictures of past looks with the new ones and questioning her decision of undergoing numerous surgeries.

Iranian girl
Sahar Tabar before surgery
Iranian girl
Iranian girl before surgery

Though it’s not the first time someone underwent multiple operations as we had Michael Jackson between us as well who underwent many surgeries but this Iranian girl just left many behind.

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