Ironically After Donkeys, Dogs Are Being Sold In Lahore


People are so much crazy for money but they are using unfair means for that and they were killing donkeys in the past but now the new animal is used. You will be astonished after reading that Dogs are butchered for meat. This report was brought by media and two butchers were arrested. Haram meat is being sold in the market. Dog is pet animal but anyone does not want to eat the Haram meat.

As we all know Lahore is the capital of Punjab and world’s 3rd most populated city. But ironically we see some people of it have become selfish enough to feed Dog’s meat to its innocent citizens.

17 people are already admitted in Mayo Hospital lahore just because of dogs meat. People are having Gastric problems like constipation and acidity.

Islam is the religion which urges every man to earn but HALAAL. People who are using such means of income are not actually following Islam and also have to face consequences in this world and hereafter.

Govt of Punjab is unable to take proper action against such selfless people. They only give statements on media that they are working on this issue but actually nothing is happening. Those people who were captured last year for selling donkeys meat were released after paying some bribery. This thing is also in notice that some famous restaurants of lahore and faisalabad are serving dogs meat.

Here are the memes made when they first heard this news;

As a nation we have to think about and work on this that why people are doing such things. Why they want us to eat haraam food? Why they want our children to stay in hospital? Is it because of poverty or selfishness? They earn to feed their child but they want us to eat such food? Are we that Bad?

Ironically, we as a nation has failed.

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