To be on Islam – Holding on to burning coal


The teachings of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ are comprehensive and illuminate our paths of lives. The words of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ ( known as Hadith ) are balanced in their existence. They are discreet and to the point at some topics. While, on the other hand they are sown into labyrinth, expecting the desiring one to decipher the true meaning itself.

Out of his numerous deep rooted Hadiths, one is as under:

What is a burning coal? Many of you must have experienced the sensation of fiery coal particularly during grilling or bar b queing. How does it feel? It suffocates you to such an extent that one would better love to move away from it, as it is more convenient than standing under the influence of scorching heat.

In the aforementioned hadith, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ referred to be on Islam as difficult as holding onto a burning coal? Verily, Allah (S.W.T) made him informed of the times his followers will find it challenging to be on a right path. Be it in a form of – fasting, praying fives time a day, keeping a beard according to Sunnah or observing hijab or Veil. This Hadith holds truth in current world scenario where the believers are bombarded with hullabaloos, every other passing day

Freedom is NOT Enforced ..

The word burning coal is being used metaphorically. It varies from person to person. For some, the anti- Islamic allegations act as a burning coal, that torture their souls. For others, – remarks of their fellow-beings related to their orthodox take on religion act as a sweltering coal, that tear their hopes apart and enforce them to get rid of that source of stress i.e., path of Islam

False Depiction of Islam in Media.

The concealed message of this hadith is to make us realize that as a Believer, our actions symbolize our faith in life after death. Your deeds in this world will be traded for heaven on the judgment day, the same heaven that Allah (S.W.T) praised himself.

Now, you’ve got to decide the intensity of burning coal yourself. The world will give you plethora of reasons to put that down, and heal yourself for transitory contentment. Hence, it’s you who have got to decide that whether holding onto a burning coal worth it or not.

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