It Is Difficult To Let Go, But Not Impossible.


Human Beings are fascinating creation of the Almighty. They are different than the rest because of their ability to think and knack to feel. They laugh, they cry, hence, they respond to every situation proactively. However, it is both the blessing and a curse to feel everything so very deeply, excess of anything is precarious. When a person immerse in the pool of emotions the same blessing turns into a nightmare and force him to drown deep down under.

Break ups are a new world order. Almost every other person has encountered the wrath of heart breaks atleast once in their life. Some manage to survive, while most could’nt make it out. Just because the blessing to feel turns into a dagger that torn apart one into pieces within no time.


Sometimes forever turns into never in a               moment.

To every individual who have or is suffering from the ire of lost love. Remember, there was a time when you were in your mother’s womb, completely unaware of what the mammoth world has to offer you .You accepted that claustrophobic place as your permanent abode for the rest of your life. You were not even willing to come out into this gigantic world yet you were forced to come out. Now, you are here in this enormous and gigantic world whose boundaries are yet to be discovered you still don’t want to leave this world as you are oblivious of life hereafter.

The reality is that humans are impatient. They want everything to happen instantaneously while the law of nature is that everything happen in its own alloted time. We fall apart because we fail to wait for the right time. Emotions are like waves you can not stop them from coming but atleast you can decide which one to surf . We suffer because we are afraid of changes and never try to embrace it.


           Wait for the storm to get pass over

It is difficult to let go of something that holds importance in your life and is dear to you. But, not impossible. Always remember that you need to let go of things that you are cling to unnecessarily in order to have something better.  Just shrug away the negative externalities. Have faith in the Almighty, he is the author of your story and will never disappoint you in end.

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