These Are The Things Everyone Must Know About Iʿtikāf: The Form Of Worship


Ramadan is nearing its end and soon we will be left with only 10 days of it.

We all are as sad as we all are happy to because the celebrations of Eid are coming near.

The last 10 days are the most important days of Ramadan. This Ashra is called Nijat.

Not only its the last few days of this blessed month but we also celebrate Juma-tul-wida in these few days.

Also we get important nights in which we are showered with the blessings of our Creator and we get to wish and pray for whatever we desire.

But one of the major thing that happens in these 10 days is that people sit for:


What is Iʿtikāf one must ask.

Well Iʿtikāf is to stay in mosque or in a closed or certain room like place for a certain time with the pure intention of worship or of seeking closeness and nearness of Allah Almighty.

A man who is fasting  should enter the mosque on 20th of Ramadan before the Azan of Maghrib with the pure intention of Iʿtikāf and stay there till the end of Ramadaan i.e. leave the mosque after the Moon of Eid is sighted.

Like every worship and prayer there are conditions and necessities that needs to be fulfilled when one sits for Iʿtikāf.

And here are some conditions that needs to fulfilled:

  1. Intention: One must make up their mind and have a clear and true intention of Iʿtikāf.
  2. Should be a Muslim: If One is not a Muslim but of some other religion that person can not perform Iʿtikāf.
  3. Sanity: The person sitting down for Iʿtikāf must be in all his sense and must have a present mind.
  4. Free from Seminal pollution: A man must be free and must have had ghusl before performing Iʿtikāf.
  5. Free from ‘Haiz-o-Nifaas’: As for women; One must be free from menstruation and discharge of blood of childbirth. Also must have done ghusl.
  6. Fasting: One must continue to fast. Pray to Allah and does Zikr while performing Iʿtikāf.

Iʿtikāf for women is a bit different from men.

As we see men go to mosque to perform Iʿtikāf.

But for a woman it is told that she must observe Iʿtikāf in her house at the place she has reserved for offering prayer or in a certain room.

This place should be a bit raised from the ground and ,must be clean and tidy at all times.

This year too Iʿtikāf will be observed all over the world in muslim as well as non muslim countries.

Where number of Muslim will perform Iʿtikāf for themselves and also the whole Ummah.

We should encourage people to perform Iʿtikāf.

As well as appreciate and pray for those who are under this form of worship. Muslim who are sitting for Iʿtikāf this.

I hope that you are able to perform it properly and may Allah grant your Iʿtikāf.


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