Javed Hashmi Rejoins PMLN And People Just Can’t Hazam It

Javed Hashmi

Since, we know that Javed Hashmi is an old name in Pakistani politics and has been part of different political parties. Last time, he left Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and remained reluctant from joining any political party.

Javed Hashmi
Javed Hashmi

But the very recent updates informed that Javed Hashmi joined Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN) again. Yes, again as he remained part of PMLN back in past as well but left it and joined PTI.

Javed Hashmi

Javed Hashmi

In this case, politics looks like really a game of moving in a circle, in which, you come back to the same point from where you left once.

However, Javed Hashmi rejoined PMLN after meeting with the party’s chairman Nawaz Sharif at Punjab House in Lahore.

Federal Railway Minister Khwaja Saad Rafique also remarked on this occasion by saying, “Both the leaders met and agreed to carry the struggle for the supremacy of the constitution and the meeting wasn’t held to embarrass anyone.”

Javed Hashmi

After all these happenings in the Pakistan’s political scene, people are of indifferent views and opinions.

Some really can’t digest this news while some are making memes out of it. Some people are bashing Javed Hashmi for changing the parties again and again while some are appreciating his decision.


Round. Round. Round.

No conspiracy actually


Meme time!

Javed Hashmi is getting bashed here clearly.

Some good gestures too.

Praises for Javed Hashmi as well.




Some piece of advice for Hashmi Sahab as well.

Aray aray! 

Well the rejoining of Hashmi Sahab in PMLN has started a whole new discussion in Pakistani politics.

To be honest, the politics of Pakistan never remained dramaless. Every day it’s a new update coming out and people start analyzing things accroding to their own perspectives.

However, Javed Hashmi after joining PMLN again is making headlines to work for the democracy of Pakistan with Nawaz Sharif’s help and cooperation.

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