Javed, The Gem from Lyari Has Painted Beautiful Portrait of Morgan Freeman


Lyari, a less developed locality of the metropolitan of Karachi, has been the home to Pakistan’s raw yet incredible talents, the undiscovered and unappreciated gems and geniuses in skill and craftsmanship. The kids from Lyari, our little gems, have left impressions on the minds of hearts of those who have borne witness to their ingenious and ability, the latest being the Brazilian coach who was left enthralled by the wonder kids of this neighborhood. After our Ronaldinhos, those who have laid their eyes on it, have been left awestruck by a marvel portrait done by a Lyari boy, Javed Baloch. He has been discovered, courtesy this kind lady.

Javed Baloch is a young boy from Lyari who has been working at a painting shop in the area for the past five years. He is a brilliant painter; his skills have captivated us. His paintbrush can cast spells and this portrait of the Hollywood legend Morgan Freeman is a clear evidence of the magic in the stroke of his brush.

This is simply a marvel, is it not? We are sure that this boy, our Javed Baloch from the small neighborhood of Lyari, is soon going to take the internet by storm and is due to win some recognition as well. We have had our sporting stars, now we have an artist who can charm any eye with his paintbrush shaped magic wand. However, what does the future hold for this incredible talent?

His smile gives us the confidence that amid our negligence, his origins, the country’s lack of infrastructure and deficiency of opportunities, he hopes never to let the magic of his paintbrush die away. Will the stroke of destiny open avenues for Javed to exhibit his skill and artistry at a bigger stage, one day? We are uncertain for the unsung talents are often abandoned by ignorance or worse, negligence; however, we are certain that the stroke of his paintbrush will keep creating magic as do the sparkles in his brightly lit eyes.

Freeman is an inspiration to million for the persona he carries and the ideals he represents. If Freeman is to be believed the Javed, you have a future to look up to and we have an artist to be mesmerized by.

The best way to guarantee loss is to quit!

  • Morgan Freeman

Let’s all take the advice, never all it quits and never give up. Let’s create opportunities for ourselves and for Javed Baloch as well.

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