Jemima Khan Tweeted and This is How People Reacted


Jemima Marcelle Goldsmith, known as Jemima Khan, Ex-wife of Imran Khan, many times has shown her loyalty towards Imran Khan even after her divorce.  She is a British journalist and a campaigner. She married Imran Khan in 1995 and has two sons with him. She is even taking care of his daughter. She has been with him through the hard times of the Panama case and also while JIT was deciding on its verdict. She has fully supported Imran Khan during his fight against na insaafi. Now that the verdict is finally here, many people have trolled PML-N and its followers. Jemima Khan also stepped in as she also had something to say. This is what she tweeted.


Her tweet was followed by many other people. Some of them thought it was goals while the other ostracized her. A famous Facebook page uploaded her tweet and this is how many people reacted.

Take this one for example. She called her a Jewish bitch.

And this is what other people replied her. They say she did it for attention and she got it.

Well baji, what I have got to say is that jo kehta hai wo wohi hota hai. Even the page admins themselves had to step in

Some said it was Ex-wife goals.                                

Others couldn’t stop swooning over the “In Shaa Allah”               

Others like to make math and ex-puns.                          

Some people still ship Imran Khan and Jemima together. 

No matter what people say, we all know that Jemima Khan is an extra ordinary woman with great potential. No matter what she says or does, we are not to judge her,  for her in no longer Imran Khan’s wife and she is not a Muslim. But still, we must respect her as she respects her ex-husband Imran Khan. Calling her things like “Jewish bitch” or “Yahoodi sazish kerne wali” only tells us how we are as a nation.



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