The PANAMA Verdict Was Just Announced And This Is What Happened


The Panama case that had come one year and three months ago had stirred up every sort of problem in our country. Imran Khan filed a case against Nawaz Sharif and a JIT was made for the verdict.


On 28 July 2017, today, the verdict of JIT was to be announced. Everyone around the country had been waiting for the results like every student does on their result days. Some were nervous, some were excited. The verdict was to be announced at exactly 11:30 am. The court staff from court one had arrived exactly on time at the supreme court.

Both the Muslim league and PTI members had surrounded the court and were cheering for their respective parties. Chaudhry Nisar who had broken his silence after such a long time as at Prime Minister’s side.

The verdict was delayed and was finally announced at 12:00, thirty minutes late than the originally given time. The verdict was announced by Justice Aijaz Afzal that Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif along with his family Maryam Nawaz, Hussain Nawaz and Hassan Nawaz are to be disqualified and reference is to be put against them in NAB in 6 weeks. It was a decision decided by all five of the judges which included Justice Asif Khosa who had participated in giving his verdict on 20 April 2017 as well, Justice Gulzar Ahmed, Justice Azmat Saeed and Ijazul Hassan.

Everyone is saying that if Nawaz Sharif had resigned instead of resisting he might have been able to dodge from this sticky situation but alas, he did not and now he is to be disqualified as prime minister. Even our minister of finance Ishaq Dar is to be disqualified. This is the third time that Nawaz Sharif has been disqualified. This verdict has been made according to data 62 and 63. Now the president of Pakistan, Mamnoon Hussain will select the prime minister for the interim government up until the elections of 2018.

The court also says that apparently, Nawaz Sharif had hidden his FZE company and that he is to be disqualified for life says the attorney journey. Which means he is not allowed to participate in politics anymore.

For the PTI followers, this is a great victory whereas for the PMLN followers this is a defeat. There is no doubt that this verdict will be forever remembered by our nation and will probably make an appearance in PTB Pakistan studies book in the future.

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