Judging is a Special Trait in Pakistani’s and it’s Not Ok


We are here in this world for a temporary time. We know it, we have seen it. Some are preparing for it. Some just don’t want to leave this world. Yet we all do and we all will. But judging people still, won’t stop.

The most recent death was of two beautiful women who had gone to Romania for an internship. They were coming back to Pakistan in a few days. Like all of us, they also updated statuses and Snapchat stories like “last day” etc. But before they even got to the airport, they met an accident. They both died on the spot. Now instead of the girls, their bodies are being sent in a coffin to Pakistan. We really don’t know when our time will end.

This news was updated on Facebook where people had different kinds of things to say. Most of them reflected on the true destiny of our lives. That we will no longer be in this world someday. But then there were people who truly depicted their inner selves. So this is what happened

The two girls were wearing half sleeved clothes. No dupatta. We’re enjoying the time of their lives. And this is what people said.

The person wrote, “its a lesson for all girls n women…cover you properly otherwise you will have to suffer in the afterworld.”

To be honest, there is nothing wrong with it. She is just warning us. She is also judging her. But maybe, we too are old enough to understand this. Maybe their good deeds are so many that they outweigh the possibility of going to hell because of not covering themselves. Maybe it’s the first time they have gone out like this. Do I know? Do you know? Not unless you’re actually friends with them. Maybe they are more virtuous than you are. When you see a news about some unknown person’s death please don’t patronize them or judge them. Wo bhi kisi ke rishtedaar hain. Koi bhi apke comments parh sakta hai. Just pray for their maghfirat. Maybe apki maghfirat ki dua se ALLAH unka aise bahir janay ke gunah maaf kerde 🙂

All the while, you might only be making their parents, siblings or relatives guilty for “Not raising them well.” I’m pretty sure we are all sane enough to take a lesson from someone’s death.  Judging it will get you nowhere.

Also, when a man dies, no one starts judging like that. It happens only because their sins aren’t visible. Even if they are, women have targeted ALWAYS.

But in both the cases, STOP JUDGING.



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