Jumma Tul Alvida


Ramadan is ending and we are just a few days away from Eid.


As joyous as the day of Eid is we do have another very important day before that.

And that is ..

Jumma tul alvida.

Jumma tul alvida is basically the last Friday of Ramadan.

And this Friday can be a week before Eid or even just the day before.

Fridays are always known as mini Eid for Muslims and we all do celebrate this day.

On a Friday, Just before Namaz a havoc is created in Muslim households.

You’ll hear siblings banging bathroom doors.

They’ll be shouting and screaming at the person inside to just get out.

Brothers will be begging their sisters and mothers to iron their clothing.

It will truly be a rush hour.

Then they would adorn Shalwar Kameez.

Spray themselves with Ittar.

And well once its all done and males have left the house for prayers.

The ladies of the house dress up and offer prayer.

That’s how Fridays basically are and we all do love them for that.

After Namaz people read Surah Kehaf and make dua.

And well Jumma tul alvida is not different.

Actually it’s way better.

More people gather in mosque at this day.

The Khutba that is a lecture on religious matters given by Imaam is special.

For this special occasion many people get brand new clothes.

And even offer extra Prayers.

Like i said Fridays are always special.

But when its the last Friday of the Holy month Ramadan it becomes a bigger deal.

Jumma tul alivda Mubarak!


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