Kamli Da Dhola: A dissection with Language, Special Reference To Saraiki Language

Source: en.dailypakistan.com.pk

In the month of April, Hadiqa Kiani, a well known Pakistani singer released her hit song from the album named “Wajd”. The title of song was read as “Kamli Da Dhola” (The Drum Soolai) which consists of Punjabi words but it was written at the end as “Saraiki”. When listened for the first time became a victim of Hadiqa’s magical voice but later, after listening it again and again, came a to an unaccepted conclusion that the title of song is “Saraiki” but there are only three words from the mentioned language.

Although Saraiki language is derived from Punjabi and is linked with Sindhi language but it is totally different than the above language in its style of writing and speaking. Even the dialect of Saraiki language is totally different to that of Punjabi language. As we know that every language takes some changes as circle moves from century to century, new words and sentences are produced. Same case can be seen with Saraiki language as it has witnessed many of the changes during different ages.

The Saraiki is language of more than 60 million of people and it is not only being practiced in Pakistan but also in India. It is widely spoken language in sub-continent and population belonging to this language is bigger than the population of Netherlands. It is also one of the ancient languages of sub-continent.

The southern Punjab is home of this language and the people of nearly 20 districts speak and understand it but unfortunately, only two universities have departments related to it. It is a unique language with a unique style as if someone is a native speaker then he is able not to only understand major language of Pakistan like Punjabi, Sindhi, Urdu but he can speak these languages very well. It has different dialects and varies from district to district. There is a little difference between the Saraiki speaking people of Mianwali and Rahimyar Khan but is understandable.

The main motive of this article is, one should pay respect to the language of millions of people and the people deserve that respect. I fell in love with the beautiful voice of Hadiqa Kiani as she released her second album named “Roshni” and my love affair with the lady, having magical voice continues. She is as gorgeous as her voice and makes million to cry. She is one of the prominent member of Pakistani music industry and she should pay respect to her fans. Naming the Punjabi song as Saraiki is totally injustice with her profession. In her latest hit, there are only three words (ڈھولا ‘جھوک ‘آکھہ ) of Saraiki language but all are derived from Punjabi language.

We have seen before in Yo Yo Honey Singh’s case that he has tried to dissect Indian culture through his first album but a strong reaction came from not only by the public but also at governmental level. I personally respect Hadiqa Kiani and have no issue with her singing but she has no right to dissect with the language of millions. It is not only a name of a singer but it’s a brand and people are always conscious about the brands. People follow brand blindly and hence, this song has created a type of propaganda about Saraiki language as people have start thinking that this language is not different to Punjabi language. The beautiful lady is loyal to her profession and people love to see her continue singing.

I am only writing this because I can’t bear someone playing fouls with my mother tongue. As a fan and critic, I have the right to critically examined all about my favorite what he or she has said in his or her singing. If you play with our language then we will surely response you back through our writings.

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