Kerala Professor’s Shocking Comment Regarding Women Who Wear Jeans Makes No Sense.

Many Fatwas we have heard about, given by our Mullahs but a professor from Kerala has claimed something very strange that is,
“Women who wear jeans. shirts & dress like men give birth to transgenders.” 
He also said that,

                           “The parents who are not of good character, their children turn out to be autistic and suffer from cerebral palsy.”


Dr. Rajith Kumar had also made such statements against women and action would be taken against him and would bar him from government-sponsored awareness classes.


People were shocked after such remarks.



Seriously, how can a literate person claim so?







This is not new, last month another professor Jaouhar Munavvir was slammed for his sexist comments on women dressing.

He said,

“I am the professor of Farook College where 80 per cent students are women, a majority among whom are Muslims. Think about it. The girls wear purdah but wear leggings inside. This is today’s style. They pull up the purdah, showing the leggings to the world. Don’t even talk about muftah. They don’t even wear the muftah. They wrap a shawl around with some 32 steps and 25 pins. That’s the style, revealing the chest. One of the body parts that man is highly attracted to is a woman’s bosom. That’s why it should be covered. But our girls reveal a part of their bosom. Like how we slice a melon open and see the ripe part inside. This style of wearing the muftah is not Islamic.”





Every time a woman is targeted whether it is Pakistan, India or any other country. Don’t know what are the intentions of such men who don’t care about the economical and basic development of country and horrible crimes happening but only consider their moral duty to pass comments on a woman’s character, dressing and life.

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