The Kinds Of Relatives You Face At Every Desi Shadi


As winters is usually a shadi season in many Desi countries so in this sardi, why not have a list of weird relatives that we face at the Desi weddings and lets try our best to avoid them.

The reason for avoiding such relatives is to stay away from getting any annoying label. Since, the Desis are weird and loud people ever, it becomes, at times, tough to deal with them.

Once in a lifetime, atleast, we must have attended a Desi wedding and encountered such annoying relatives.

Here’s a list of those relatives and I bet you can relate all these with your puphi, mami, chachi etc.

1. The Naraz Party


We all have these kind of relatives who got upset for no reason just a day before shadi and give many people a topic to gossip.

While there are some pieces who got mad right at the wedding day and try to seek attention of every other guest. They master the art of ruining the whole pleasant environment of the occasion.

2. The One Who Is Always Comparing


There is atleast one aunty who is on a mission of comparing the bride or groom with her son or daughter.

She goes like, “my daughter will make much prettier bride than the one sitting on the fancy sofa as dulhaniya.”

3. The Mashrot Uncle


One or two, but there is always a trying-to-be-leader uncle in the Desis and he acts like, that, he’s taking care of every single thing.

But actually he’s not; yes, he just tries to give that impression only. Not wrong to call him “uncle mashrot.”

4. The Match Makers


The rishta questing mission is on extreme in every brown wedding and the match makers try to match you with falan’s son and timkan’s nephew.

5. The Muft Mashwara Giving Squad


This squad is also an irritating part of Desi shadi as they try to act most smart and in that course, they give the bride, the groom and all the singles, their precious pieces of not-asked advices.

6. The Emotional Crew


These people get emotional at every little scene going on in wedding and they make sure that everybody around them cries as well. From bride’s entrance to her rukhsati, they never stop to shed tears.

7. The Always-Ready-To-Dance One


There is always one person at wedding who needs no reason to rock the floor. And if by chance their favourite song plays on, they just start their show.

8. The Tanqeedi Board


This board at every wedding never ceases to criticize the menu, bride’s and groom’s dress, venue selection and decoration etc. They always act like they know everything and people around them are bunch of fools.

9. The Fighters’ Force


These relatives are in search of reasons to start the fight. They never hesitate to start a tamasha.

Whatever the kinds of relatives we face at a Desi shadi, are not less than any tough physics numerical to deal with.

But at the end, Desi wedding is a true spot of all the fun and enjoyment and we shouldn’t miss the one.

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