These Ladies Have Beaten Up This “Fake Peer” Who Molests Women In Name Of Giving Amulets

Fake Peer

The culture of “Fake Peer Baba” is emerging in Pakistan with passing days. The incidents of frauds by these Peers and Babas is nothing new in this country. These days many people become “Fake Peer” and try to earn money in the name of giving amulets.

Recently, a video of similar incident rotated on social media showing the group of women beating a “Fake Peer” in Sheikhupura. But here, the case wasn’t only about grabbing the money by fraud as the Peer crossed the lines because he harassed, molested and blackmailed many women in the name of giving amulets and performing the spiritual procedures.

He tried to use his status to harass women who used to seek his help in their matters. How this Peer used to harass women can be judged by this one incident in which a woman tells her side of story.

According to the grieved woman of Sheikhupura, she came to this “Fake Peer” to get an amulet for having a child with her mother and mother-in-law.

The “Fake Peer” asked the woman to come in private with him where he asked her to strip off her clothes so he can start the spiritual procedure (amal, basically).

This made the woman to realize that the Peer is definitely a fraud and trying to sexually abuse or harass her in the name of giving amulets or performing procedure.

Meanwhile, the woman’s mother and mother-in-law also came in and caught the Peer who was trying to molest their daughter.

This enraged them and they started beating him badly. Also, they took all the money from his pockets which he grabbed from them in the name of amulets.

The Peer was also accused of having the pictures of women who used to come to him for aid and he took their photos and used to blackmail them later by those snaps.

Those irked and grieved women also snatched the pictures of women from the “Fake Peer” and taught him a bitter lesson.

The trend of “Fake Peers” has fastly grown in the country because of the weak faith of people of our country.

Instead of believing in Allah alone and asking from Him, people trust these fake spiritual healers and seek their help, which at many times turn out to be nothing but merely a scam.

Despite of such scandalous incidents, people still don’t get a lesson and keep believing and going to such “Fake Peers.”

We need to reflect and strengthen our faith in order to depend and expect from no one but Allah alone. This will surely help us to not to fall in trap of such frauds and we might no longer witness such shameless cases.

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