Latte Art By This Coffee Artist Is Oh My! A Total Delight To Eyes

Latte art

Latte art is nothing new but this coffee artist just created the cutest and amazing latte art which you might have never witnessed in your life.

Artist named Chang Kuei-fang is basically a name behind this amazing latte art. She is 48-year-old and an owner of a coffee shop in Taiwan who is a master of creating super cool and awesome latte art using milk foam as her medium on coffee.

Coffee is always a treat and delight to have especially in the winters when every thing is freezing. In such cold weather, when you get a coffee with such adorable latte art then it automatically brings a smile on your face.

However, this coffee artist initiates with a cup of coffee and places a dollop of milk foam on top. She uses spoon to make it into different shapes; like, that of dogs, puppies, minion and pooh etc.

After that she uses chocolate or espresso as ink to draw and complete the further shape of pooh or puppy etc.

Chang Kuei-fang’s latte art is 3D and each piece takes about 5-10 minutes to get completed. She costs about $20 for a cup and to be honest, it’s too cute to drink it even.

Yes, this artist’s coffee art is just beyond adorable and cute that you might find it hard to drink your coffee. However, we have gathered some clicks of her coffee art and they are just so adorbs, like really.



Latte art


Adorable one.

Latte art


Such accuracy.

Latte art


Pooh is always a cutie.

Latte art


Lovely coffee.

Latte art


This is loveeee.

Latte art



Latte art



Latte art



Latte art


Sweet and loveable.

Latte art

We are totally in love with this artist’s 3D latte art and want a cup of coffee from her asap; not to drink only but to stare at the cuteness, beauty and creativity of her latte art as well.

Source: Chang Kuei-fang

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