Why Leo is one of the Best Signs



Leos are no doubt one of the most powerful and generous zodiac sign. They have some specific traits which make them better than others, they are a bit different than other zodiac signs because they tend to be dignified and strong. The fifth astrological symbol starts from July 22 to August 22 and its element is fire. If we talk about the ruling planet of Leo, it is surprisingly Sun. the metal of Leos is Gold while its symbol is a Lion.



A few traits of Leos seen repeatedly are given here.



  1. Love to be the Centre of Attention


You would never find a single Leo who hates attention. They always love to do something different which could make them appreciable. So that is why they keep sorting out new ways to do something new and they always tend to showcase their talents and skills before the world.




  1. Competitive


Extremely competitive they are. They love competition and can’t accept if they get defeated. A lion never gives up, so they always try to win every challenge. Watching someone else winning, hurts them a lot and this drives them crazy.



  1. Leaders by Nature


No doubt, they actually have the ability to lead. They have a specific trait of always being followed rather than following someone. They make the best bosses and never skip a chance of becoming dominant.





  1. They can make the heads turn


Leos keep an authoritative personality which is a great symbol of them. They are known for their influential and charming personality as nobody could resist but look at them with a wist.






  1. Loyalty


The best trait of them is loyalty. They never cheat if their spouse is loyal and supports them in every part of life. They would go at the end of any limit to save the relation or friendship but will never tend to cheat.






  1. Stubborn


Leos are very rude sometimes, they don’t pay heed to the extra people in their life so as they never let others control themselves. This trait comes as both to be positive and negative.





  1. Possessiveness                                                               


They are very serious in commitments so they get easily jealous when someone tries to get closer to their partner. They hate it when their spouse even talks to some other a bit frankly.






So these were few traits of Leos which you can share with your Leo friends.


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