The Less Privileged Of Pakistan Should Start Giving Birth On The Streets Instead Of Hospitals


The most beautiful moment in the life of a person is when women gave birth to a child and man and woman, hold their newborn child in their arms for the first time. The magnitude of happiness in this context cannot be judged by a person’s financial capability if he’s poor or rich.

Sadly, in our country whole situation is reversed. The rich and the middle-class actually enjoy the process that leads to the birth of their children. Only these people can afford the expenses of private and high standard hospitals. Couple of days ago, in Raiwand, a woman had to give birth to his child on the streets outside the government hospital because the couple was not well-off and was not able to afford the expenses of private hospital.

The sad state of affairs at the government hospital proves that the poor of Pakistan have to think twice before thinking of bringing a child in the World, because of what happened earlier before. There would be no doctors present in the government hospital or some other negligence would over power the childbirth.

This woman had to gave birth to her child on the streets only in the present of her loving husband, who was the only person present their and was helping her. It is necessary to add here that this hospital was located next to Nawaz Sharif’s farmhouse and most importantly, Cheif Minsiter Punjab Mia Shehbaz Sharif spent 70 crores to make this 60 bedded hospital.

گڈ گورننس کے دعوے۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔اور حقیقت۔۔۔۔۔؟مکمل پروگرام دیکھئے:

Posted by Express News on Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Imagine, 60 beds in the government hospital without any facility, The hospitals were also without doctors.So what about poor population? What should they do? Instead of giving birth on the roads of the country?  Mian Shehbaz Sharif possess so much about infrastructure and development of punjab which they brought, what can poor people do? When a women in the capital city cannot afford to give birth to her child?


Now here the duty of the government is that they should be served a notice to the doctors who was on the duty and they should not leave the hospital till their duty is not over. In Pakistan, government doctors sit on the payroll of the government and open their private clinics to earn money from both places. So in this case they gave full time to their clinic because medical companies (pharmaceuticals) pay a lot of money to them. And already the government pay them about 70-80k approx. for showing up only one hour??? Very very bad.

The Health Department of Punjab, especially the Secretary himself, should take interest in this sad incident. Every government hospital should have a standby nurse who is trained enough to help give birth to poor women who cannot afford hospitals.




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