Lessons Learned Hard


Long ago a wise king ruled the kingdom of Damora. He was respected by all because of his knowledge. Unfortunately, the king had only one son whom he named after his warrior grandfather, Remora. The king was always worried about his son. He tried to teach him some lessons but he failed.

One day the kings most trusted general told him that the prince had disrespected him in front of his army. According to the general, while he was teaching the prince the art of sword fighting, the prince made some vicious comments on him. The king hearing that called his son and asked him did he done this or not. His son replied “ yes, I called him a loser because he is weak and we have lost hundredths of men because of his unwise strategies in war, tell me doesn’t that make him a loser?”

The king looked at his son with such shame in his eyes that could not be described in words. The king told his son that the general he called loser, had saved his father’s life many times and it was he who saved his life when someone tried to murder him during his childhood. The young prince replied in a loud voice ‘’ it was this man who failed to protect my mother”. The king told his son that the general tried his best but it wasn’t in his hands to save his mother.

“The young prince started yelling at his father and told him he can live without him. He doesn’t need his throne to survive”.

“Hearing this the king asked him that where would he go”?

The prince replied  “I met an old man near the small town of Damora. He told me that he was a rich merchant who lived in the kingdom of Samora and he would love to take me there as his guest”.

The king asked his son, “for how many years have you known him”?

The prince replied, “I just met him yesterday”.

The king got up from his throne and walked towards his son. When he reached there, he put his left hand on his son’s shoulder and replied, “Boy!!! mark my words, never trust the sweetness of a person you just met, it might lead to horrors that you can’t even imagine.”

The prince looked at his father and started laughing. He told his father that, he is old and because of which he speaks of words that doesn’t make sense. The king hearing this became mad at his son and told him that he can go to the kingdom of Samora and live there with his new friend.

The young prince did as he was told by his father. He reached the kingdom of Samora and met that old man. The old man told him that he would have to sign a contract with him if he wants to live in Samora. The prince asked him what was that contract about. The old man gave him a smile and told him that it was just a contract that every person who visit Samora for the first time must sign. The prince laughed at this and signed the contract. After that the old man told him that he will bring some food for him from the market.

The old man came back with two guards instead of food and told the guards that the prince is his slave. He insisted the prince, to wear chains which all slaves must wear but the prince refused. The young prince became furious on this and started speaking in harsh language with the old man. The old man showed him the contract and said didn’t you sign this contract. The prince looked at it and replied yes, I did sign this contract. The guards told the prince that he had signed a slavery contract. Which would make him the slave of the old man for 50 years. The prince tried to explain what happened but the guards didn’t listen to him. The old man told the guards that he is a respected citizen of Samora and his neighbors can prove his rightness and holiness. The guards told the prince that he must serve the old man for 50 years and if he refuses to do that then he will be hanged to death.

After this the old man started beating him up and forced him to work. Nothing was more bloodier and crueler than the torture that the old man did on the prince. These things happened for almost two years. Every day the old man would torture the prince and every night the prince would remember his father’s words and those words would haunt him in his dreams.

One day the old man fell prey for a disease which resulted in his death. The old man didn’t have any heir so all his slaves including the prince, were set free. The prince after getting his freedom back decided to go back to his country. After reaching there the first thing he did was he ran toward his father’s castle. When he reached there he told the guards that he is Remora and he wanted to meet his father. The guards told him that the prince is long dead, he can play his act somewhere else. The prince was somehow able to deceive the guards and could enter his fathers throne room. Where his father was sitting at that time.

“Boy who are you”? The king asked his son, “you look exactly like my son whom I lost two years ago, because of his immaturity,”

“I am your son father!!!,” replied the prince. “The same son whom you lost two years ago, because of his immaturity”.

“Where have you been for two years my son”? The king asked his son. “I thought you were dead”.

“I was busy in collecting some precious gifts for you,’’ the prince told his father.

“What are those gifts and where are those gifts”? Asked the king. “I don’t see them with you”?

“Those gifts are the lessons I learned in these past two years”, the prince told his father. “Lessons that you could have never learn while sitting on your throne”.

The king asked his son, “what was the most imperative lesson he learned”?

The prince knelt before his father while tears started coming out of his eyes like a water fall and he replied, the most imperative lesson that I learned was …….

Never trust the sweetness of a person you just me”

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