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I, usually the introvert i am, decided to attended a party on my friends insistence a few days back. Me and my friends all dressed up and felt free for once as we knew that soon it was going to be exam season.

We arrived at the party and soon started to mingle. Loud noises surrounded me and for once it felt good to be the part of the crowd. As the time passed lights started to go down. Laser lights took its place and the clean clear environment turned misty with the artificial fog,¬†that’s when i realized that what my friends failed to tell me was that this was a ‘rave party’.

Now in Pakistan rave parties aren’t all that common. I never dreamed of attending one but here i was standing in a middle of one. Dark corners seem to call to me all over again and i just wanted to go back into a protective shell but on my way to those dark protective corners a guy stopped me and passed me a pill. A pill white in color and so small. I got confused to why he was giving it to me but i silently ¬†took it from his hand and walked away to my friends.

As soon as i reached them they noticed that white pill in my hand and they all asked me why do i have it in my hand? Why haven’t i popped it in my mouth already and achieved the ecstasy i always talked about? I said i didn’t wanted to and i just wanted to go home but they laughed at my face and passed me a drink. Thinking it was water i brought it close to my lips but i was hit with a pungent smell and knew it was something else. An alcoholic drink to be exact.

As a typical Pakistani girl i couldn’t believe that this was all happening in my country. A Islamic country with moral values and principals. But yes it was and i was a part of it. I didn’t know what to feel, to turn a blind eye? Complain about it? Or just accept it like all my friends had? What was a girl fooled by the people she trusted was supposed to feel even?


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