Let’s give a thought.


What’s your favorite animal? A cute fluffy white kitten with blue eyes or a brown little puppy with dark deep brown eyes or a baby penguin walking with his adorable ping pong movements… adorable !? Right ?
Now let’s get deep into your imagination for a while. Imagine that you’re passing by a road in your car and while you’re stopped on a red signal, someone walking past the street with his cute black German shepherd suddenly stops right beside your car, pulls out a black metallic pistol from his pocket and shoots the dog right away.

Now come out. For that moment you would’ve probably just broke the signal and ran for your life since the dog already died and the man had pistol obviously you wouldn’t risk your life over that. But later wouldn’t you for a while think what was that poor animals fault that he got shot terribly? If that man had a problem with his dog he could’ve just let him out on the street or sold him away to someone else… right? At least I believe any normal human being would think like that.

Now let’s change the scenario and come to reality. Have you ever thought about the little kid your maid gave birth to a few months ago, or about the boy who sells potatoes and tomatoes down your compound, or about the girl who was thrown out by her family because they couldn’t afford her dowry and now sleeps under the shade of your car parking, or about the barber guy who you go to every month and find him in the same old clothes, or about the old lady who drives you in her rickshaw to the library, or about the old guard uncle sitting out your compound gate giving night duties… and I can name a billion more situations to add to the list most of you wouldn’t have thought about.
Do you know why you never gave them all a thought? Because you never saw their pain in front of your eyes, you don’t see the daily struggles they face in their life’s and you think passing a smile and greeting people with good manners would be enough to make their day.
Let’s get practical and a bit sensible now, don’t quote me wrong here, of course good manners are a great quality of great character… but that old woman driving the rickshaw needs her pension to be paid which is not being given to her because government officers considered her dead by a mistake by one of their officers while typing out the list of old retired employees. That guard uncle deserves to be sleeping at peace and rest while his joints are out of the ability for his daily chores, but he needs to earn for his family because his son can not get a job even after being the top 5 listed student of his batch, because he doesn’t have a source to talk for him. That poor kid selling fruits and vegetables needs money for his little sisters school fees and because his dad is a drug addict and his mother is ill enough to work at all.
Again… there’s so much more to the list.
Let’s come to the point. What’s common in all of these situations?
Lack of the ability to every individuals right. Human right.
Our society has become so corrupt and so limited to their own selfless that we do watch the news about the miseries all around the world and we do feel sympathy but all we do a is new status update a new profile picture and tag it with “I support so and so” “voice against violence” stuff and stuff… while in reality we don’t hear the silent cry of the humans around us. We want our country to be a better place and we’re all completely ready to blame the government for every single thing while in reality we forget that the power is in our hands only if we had time to consider it without being locked just in our gadget screens and actually having a hand towards something.
Well glad fully there has been a minority to the world that has worked for humanity. Some for orphans some for old aged people some for the unemployed some for woman right some for maternal cares and so and so.
Just give this a thought, before typing your new status and before shouting at your parents or your partner for not giving you what you wanted, look at the silent screams of so many out there and think to yourself why not use that voice for something better and gainful, instead of just chit chatting with your friends and gossiping about politics, about the girl that cleans your classroom or about the guy who wears the same old uniform to school. Use your voice for something valuable. Complaining and wining has become an old story already, mature up to be a warrior not a complaint chatter box.
Give a thought because change starts with you.

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