An Open Letter To My Future Husband


Dear future husband,

I hope you are not doing well, not having fun  (because I am not with you ), not liking the couple sitting next to your table in a restaurant because you are a single af too like me ( you must be, otherwise I’ll kill you) . I want to ask you that where the hell are you? I mean how can you still live without me, how you can wait for so long, not meeting me, seeing me and talking to me?

I mean don’t you have those feelings? Don’t you want to give me that look which Raj gave to Simran ? Don’t you want to stare at me like Dev stares at Sonakshi?  Don’t you want to have that Rahul Anjali fights with me? It’s annoying, how can you be so late comer? Ab tou aja yaar please!!!!

Man it’s been 24 years that I have been waiting for you yaaar!! Don’t you think it’s ironic that I can’t even imagine your face while lying on bed because we haven’t met yet? Seriously Honey!! I think you must be coming on a turtle that’s why you haven’t reached yet.

What? Tell me; don’t you want someone to look at you like you are everything to her? Don’t you want someone to stand beside you in every situation? Someone who cooks for you only, someone who grooms herself just for you, or someone who tags in you in those love post? Tell me sweetheart when will you break this “single guy” fast and will come to me?

I am telling you I am frustrated and tired without you now!! I want you in my life now; want you to look at me like you haven’t seen something prettier than me, to notice everything even my eye brows and nail shape, I want you to listen all my silly and useless talks, to play all those childhood games with me, to bring me balloons and chocolates if I am upset.

I want you to stay there when I say go away, to hold me when I ask to you leave me, talk to me when I say don’t, call me when I am far from you, talk to me whole night even if I want to sleep, watch all those silly south Indian movies with me which normally people don’t like to see. I want you travel n explore the world with, capture all those lovely moments in our Polaroid camera, walking on beach in the morning holding the hands , promising not to leave each other ever. I want you to praise me even when I am not looking up to the mark, to tell me how beautiful I am in your eyes, tell me that nothing is more important than me in your life.

By summarizing all my feelings, all I want to say is that I know am silly and ironic but I want you in my life now, I want to see you, hug you and want to spend rest of my life with you only. And want to hear every time that how much you love me.

Please come soon, “isse pehle k ma intezar me hi mar jaon”.

With lots love,

Your future wife.

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