Looking Human or Being Human?


“It was a rainy night; everyone was in hurry to reach home. But I was standing near a pole, drenching in rain, thinking about that little girl, trying hard to sketch a plan in my mind to save her from those human trafficker. It was too difficult to save her from those brokers” a deep thought stirring in the mind of human, a human who actually does not consider as human in our society named Gauri Sawant.

Born as Ganesh Sawant but living as Gauri Sawant or you may call a hijra, a transgender social activist and NGO worker,  wanted to save a 6 years old girl who was about to be sold in the most  red lighted area Sonagachi in Kolkata for sex trading. The six years old Gayatri after her mother’s death who was also a sex worker, was in a vulnerable condition.


She was under the trap of “Men”. Men or Mard!! Who runs the society, who is the owner of women and children, the giant, the overbearing, the typical, the one who is considered as the strongest pillar or maker of society was  about to sell a 6 six years old impuissant  girl for sex trading and on the other hand a man with weaken voice  and body, long hair, wearing sari along with a round bindi on her head, who is considered as the unwanted, not acceptable and reason to shame for society and family, wanted to save that girl, wanted to stick out the girl from the mouth of those wolfs.

A war was going on between “the proud” and “the shame” of the society, between Man and a Hijra a transgender to save a little child. Society’s proud were doing hard to sell her and society’s shame was doing her best to save her.

Because Gauri was a shame to society everyone stopped supporting her or deny supporting her, but that brave shame didn’t accept the defeat and knocked the door of judiciary. How ironic it was that the judiciary also denied to support her by saying neither you are a man nor a woman how can we allow you to bring up a girl what will you teach her ? But still the brave shame didn’t lose hope and speak loud in court that I may not a complete man or woman but I am a human. My heart has feelings, it weeps for that little endangered girl. What’s more important for your society? Looking human or being human? Selling a girl in sex market or consigning her custody to an incomplete human, a transgender?  Gauri’s two questions left a lifetime mark on humanity, that just because of some physical and hormonal dissimilarity transgenders are considered the most unwanted part of society or something that does not exist!!

With lots of struggles and hard work Gauri Sawant got the success in saving Gayatri’s life and got the custody of her. But this does not end here!! There is a question that hit my heart harder, that hit the whole humanity that “what’s more important in society? Looking human or being human?

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