Love Does This To You.


I remember it was late at night and he just came back from his office.

I asked him how his day was and he told me it was busy and he was really tired.

Clearly being dismissed i didn’t say a word and played the role of the understanding one to the T.

It all went on for days and being dismissed daily really brings a person down.

Eventually i was down enough that i closed off.

And that’s when he realised something was up. But even then he didn’t had any time so he let me be.

He let me be because he knew that i will be okay with time as it was how it always had been.

And it went on.

One day he decided to talk to me about.

He finally thought i was worthy of his time and started talking like nothing was wrong at all.

I tried. I tried so hard to keep it all okay.

To act all chill. To act like his attitude hadn’t affected me.

I tried not to show him how disconnected i felt. How dejecting it all was.

But i couldn’t.

How could i even do that to the person who i was so used to telling each and everything? The person who is my better half and my world.

The person who was just not my soul mate but my best friend too.

And hence i blew up.

I threw a tantrum, got mad, said some sarcastic stuff and just acted indifferent.

And he just laughed at it all and said you look cute when you are angry.

While all i could do was look at him dumbfounded as he failed to realize the pain behind my words.

To him it was me being my usual childish self.

According to him i should be more understanding and compromising.

But how could i tell me that i just need a bit of his time? I need a bit of his love?

I couldn’t. And i didn’t.

Because when i did try. He laughed and being laughed at even once is more than enough.

And once again i was quiet.

Days passed and he had it enough.

He again decided to talk to me about it because he wanted his sunshine back.

And he started talking.

He kept saying things i was craving to hear and it melted me a bit.

It melted me to a point that i started talking about my troubles.

I hadn’t even said much that what i heard was his light snoring.

And that’s when i realized that “Iska kuch nahi ho sakta”.

Despite all the pain and hurt he still tries.

And that trying is what will make me love him today and always.

His trying is all that matters and i know that whenever he gets time he will make it up to me.

He will spoil me like he always has.

Because all couples have their bad days. And also their good days.

And its the bad days that help us realize the worth of good days.

Therefore with this hope i once cuddled with him and drifted of to the dreamland.



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