How Do We Love Someone Through Depression?


In the time we live it is pretty common for people to feel depressed.

Feeling depressed for longer periods of time can often lead to depression.

Depression is pretty much like a black hole.

It sucks you right into it and it’s very difficult to let go of that feeling.

A common thought that goes around in a depressed person mind is that they are unlovable.

They feel like they do not deserve love and they are worth less.

Who would want a depressed person in their life?

And this leads to a more depressed state.

People fail to notice the concept of truly being loved by that special someone can lead to diminishing of depression.

Maybe it might not go away but the affected person will be able to fight through it and learn to love.

And this brings me to the question that ..
How do you love someone that suffers from depression?
The answer may seem simple but it takes a lot effort.

The partner needs to understand that the depressed state might be something you will never understand. Internal battles can only be understood to the core if one has lived through it. Therefore you’ll have to accept this without fully understanding it and eventually you’ll see the impact this might have on the person you love.

Seeing a side of them that they hate:
There is a reason people hide having depression but you’re bound to when you love someone and when that happens you get to see many sides of them, sides that even they hate and hide. Not only from the world but also from themselves.  They’ll be a person who is positive and upbeat and lights up every room they walk into is only that way because they know what’s on the other side of it. 

Understanding them at their worst:
Whenever they choose to let you in you’ll realize how opposite the person you love is in front of you on one of their bad days in contrast to the one you fell in love with. There will even be a change in their tone. A glazed over look would be present in their eyes. Everything about them will be different. And that’s when you need to understand the negative thoughts and the words that you’ve never heard before aren’t them. 

Hold them tight even when they push you away:
This is one of the worst traits of a depressed person that they will push you away. On their bad days the darkness will consume them and they will become a mess but love them anyway. They will make themselves feel that they are a burden. They will feel that you are better off without them and deserve someone healthy and way better than them. They will tell you to leave more than once. Choose to stay. Choose to hold them through it. Choose to be there by their side.

The bad days will come to an end:
On their bad days you will need to make them realize that the bad days will pass. There will be days when they would lose their motivation of wanting to be productive. They will break down in tears and won’t be able to even articulate why they are feeling like this.  You’ll too feel helpless and wish that you could fix it. You’ll even end up blaming yourself that you failed to make them happy but don’t think like that because this isn’t your fault. It’s nobody’s fault actually. These are the moments in which just hold them. Be their strength. Stand beside them on the bad days. It’s the best thing you can do. Believe that depression is a feeling which will eventually pass. It’s a storm that will end.

Emotional roller coaster:
Like i said loving someone with depression will not at all be easy. It will make you through a ride of your life. The hard and bad days. The struggles will drive you crazy. This all will challenge you in a way that you have never been challenged before people with depression might take you to dark places you’d never choose. But know that people with depression have an ability to love deeply. They have a compassion for others and have eyes that see beyond what is on the surface and their ability to understand and relate to people will be the reason you fell in love with them.

Appreciation of the good days:
Despite so many down days and struggles there will be good days. Days filled with happiness and rainbows. Cherish them. Loving someone with depression will teach you to appreciate the things you’ve never appreciated before and that’s what makes it worth it. and be sure that the good days will outweigh the bad ones.

Yes i know there are a lot of hardships when it comes to loving someone with depression.

As depression is one of the worst feeling that can be settled down in a person heart and mind.

Despite all the hardships loving a person with depression can be one of the best thing as when they love.

They love deeply.

They will give their all to you.

Their love will make you a better version of yourself.

A version you never thought you would be and not in any negative way.

It will through love and understanding you both will be able to beat this depression.

Coming out stronger than ever.

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