MAAZI: The Best Urdu Novel of This Decade

  • For the First time, half of the 1st edition sold before anybody read the book.
  • Unlike any other Novel, this Novel has TWO authors.
  • Pushed by their worst condition, they didn’t give up on their love for writing.
  • The inner circle of writers has confirmed that it is a unique story.
Opening Line of Maazi


Two young writers, who are still students, spent 3 years on this Novel. Both of them had their own problems. One of them was suffering from depression and the other one was so deeply pushed by his own people that he had to work like a House-builder and construct the rooms of his own house with his bare hands.

A friend of the Authors claims:

This is something as amazing as you won’t ever see even in Hollywood or Bollywood, because mostly they are all about dragons and Flying shield men.

They spent 3 years to complete the story and famous “Ilm-o-irfan publishers” immediately agreed to publish the book on very small terms.

Lines from Maazi
Lines from Maazi
Opening Paragraph of Maazi

An Urdu Novel has never been marketed in this way, so they are doing great. The public is loving them for it. MAAZI is really something unique in Urdu Novels. They have sold half edition before the launch. The launch is on 1st July.

Source: Maazi – The Novel

This has never been done in the history of Pakistan. A novel that anybody hasn’t even read yet, get to sell the half of it’s edition before the launch. Team Maazi post the interesting lines on the Facebook page of Maazi. Fans just love this. The names of Authors are Ghazwa Irshad and Hasnain Ali. This is their first Novel. Don’t be late to grab your copy of “Maazi”. Get it before the whole edition is sold out.

We must appreciate the work of these authors. At last, they are the rising talent of our beloved country Pakistan.

The Social Media of Pakistan is also supporting their campaign.









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Lines from Maazi


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