Mahira Khan Comes In Defense Of Haroon Shahid’s Role In Verna When He Was Called “Loser Husband”


Verna – the movie by the famous Shoaib Mansoor has been released recently after facing the hard time given by the Punjab Censor Board. Initially, the film was also banned to be released due to the topic of rape being discussed in it.


But finally, after release of Verna, public reactions are quick to appear on the scene. Likewise, interviews are also being held by different media groups from the main lead of the movie including Mahira Khan, Haroon Shahid and Zarrar Khan.


In a recent talk with BBC Urdu, Haroon Shahid stated that, “Verna is not only a women’s film but it also shows that if both men and women support eachother then they can deal with any problem.”

To Haroon’s this statement, someone reacted and called Aami (Haroon Shahid) as a loser husband and worse than the rapist for mistrusting his wife.

To this, Mahira Khan jumped in the conversation and defended Aami (Haroon Shahid) by calling his reaction of doubting and hating his wife as a ‘second hand trauma.’

Second hand trauma is basically a feeling or reaction that a person goes through by knowing about the accident or any other horrible incident. It affects the person to a great extent and it’s symptoms could be confusion, depression, fear, agitation, outbursts etc.

However, doubting and hating the victim of sexual abuse are signs of being a misogynist and should be deemed as something ‘bad.’


Besides all this, it’s also noteworthy that how public and cinema people were having a respectful disagreement on important topic that whether to regard Aami of Verna, a typical misogynist or a victim of second hand trauma.

However, after movies like Khud Kay Liye and Bol, Verna is now believed to be another super hit of Shoaib Mansoor which discusses the subject of rape and women empowerment quite effectively and efficiently.

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