Main Accused In Zainab’s Rape Case Arrested By Police


As you people know about the number of rape cases in Pakistan. Pakistani government must have to take action on such cases. My heart eyes wont sleep..when I see such cases on news channels.. In the case of the girl who kidnappped from the street of Kasur and  when she was on way to Holy Qura’an, raped, and brutally killed. Her body discovered from garbage piles.

In this breakthrough,police arrested the offender of zainab when his DNA matched the sample from crime scean.

He is identified as imran ali and he is the relative of that innocent girl. He lives near the house of victoms.

The jacket of zainab’s killer also recovered from the accused, which can seen in the CCTV footage.

The accused was taken into the custody before some days but he was allowed to go after taking DNA sample, after that he has been arrested again when his DNA matched during medical examination.

According to police , the accused looks very similar to a person who can be seen in CCTV footage. And he has confessed to the monstrous crime.

Punjab Forensic Science Agency also confirmed that the accused DNA matched the departed girl.In this investigation the DNA of over 600 people were conducted.
Malik Ahmad the spokesperson of Punjab government confirmed the arrest of  Imran Ali. The spokesperson said that he would be able to confirm whether the suspect is involved in the brutal incident after a detailed forensic report. He said the forensic agency will give the report by 7 pm.

Earlier, police believed the suspect is a serial killer as the same DNA found in previous assault cases in which nine girls, ages five to 10 years, were raped and killed seven of them.

As the Kasur incident ramped up pressure on the government, a high-profile joint investigation team (JIT), headed by Multan Regional Police Officer DIG Muhammad Idrees, was formed to solve the case.

The incident in Kasur stimulate protests all over the country, but during the protest in Kasur , two men killed by the firing of police.

Justice Mian Saqib Nisar Chief Justice of Pakistan took a notice of the rape case and mobilize all the investigations.


Antecedent claims

Earlier in January, the police also claimed to have arrested the main suspect, identified as Umar Farooq,  from Bhatta Chowk, an area of Lahore. But, the police on Monday have to release Umar Farooq after the DNA test by PFSA cleared him.

Death sentence for the culprit

On Monday, Senate approved a resolution, seeking the death sentence for culprits involved in child rape and murder cases. The resolution got full support of the Pakistan Peoples Party, which during its occupancy , stop the execution due to pressure from the European Union.


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