Meera Denies Rumors Of Standing Against Imran Khan In 2018 Elections


News of our very own Meera Ji contesting against Imran Khan in the 2018 elections has been circulating throughout social media for quite some while now. As of late, Meera can be seen throwing shade at both our Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam Nawaz.

In response to Maryam Nawaz’s tweet that glorified her father, the Prime Minister, Meera acidly responded, calling both her and her father ‘butchers’ on account of the incessant load shedding.


Her constant critique of the current government coupled with her constant talk of running for elections led to speculation about her running for elections in 2018; a rumor she never sought to deny previously.



In a recent turn of events, Meera denied all allegations of running in the 2018 elections against Imran Khan. Meera lashed out on several media platforms, one of which turned out to be her time favorite Twitter, and vehemently lashed out against anyone who as much as implied a link between politics and her.


To further enunciate her point, Meera further elaborated upon the supposedly distasteful exaggeration of news by the media. She said in an interview: “I’m tired of these false news, I’m extremely tired of them. I had a meeting with Manish Malhotra in Dubai for the fashion show and my dress, and it’s with a lot of sadness I have say that in Pakistan¬†gandi khabrein¬†are published about me, and [especially] when I’m not in Pakistan. These false news are published with my name on them.”


While it is entertaining to see Meera oscillate between the several stances she chooses to take whenever the whim strikes her, given the current political condition of our country, Meera running for elections in 2018 has started to not sound too bad.


Good luck to Meera Ji in whatever she puts her heart to next.

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