Meera Jee And Her Rebellious Sarcasm Has Set Twitter On Fire And Everyone Is Her Fan Now.


Meera Irtaza widely known for her Whimsical English is our new heart throb. Recently we all have been amazed by what our legendary Meera Jee is upto. She has set twitter on fire by her sarcastic replies and retweets to her haters, or let’s just say anyone. Because she hasn’t even spare Maryam Nawaz. The actress who has been mocked for several years can now be seen mocking almost everyone on twitter.

A person mocked Meera for her image in media and Well, Meera Jee is clearly not happy with it. 


A girl praised Meera for Sass and Meera proved to be a Queen once again.


So a Guy asked Meera to share something with her In Private and she went Like. 


A Smart ass tried to roast Meera Jee by tweeting her ‘Well You Merry Me’ but got roasted himself instead.


And this Perv had the nerve to ask Meera if she was a ‘VERGIN’ but got screwed. 


Not a good day for Maryam Nawaz. Troll Queen got her back. 



Just before the Pak Vs India Final Match she replied this to an Indian. 


So this guy asked Meera what it is like  to Be a Beauty without a Brain. 

Dude, you don’t mess with our Troll Queen


And this person tried to make fun of her by asking her favorite Dialogue.

And this was her Reply. 






Didn’t she make you laugh? She did. Meera is a Proof that none of the obstacles in life can put you down. Several times she was mocked and now everyone is getting roasted by her Mean Tweets.


Giving a punch on her Hater’s faces she is happy with who she is.

We All Love You Meera Jee.

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