Meesha Shafi Finally Talks About Deactivating Her Social Media Accounts

Meesha Shafi

Some days before Meesha Shafi opened up about the sexual harassment she faced allegedly by Ali Zafar. This took media by storm and everyone came out with distinct views on the Ali-Meesha controversy.

Also, Ali Zafar denied the accusations lodged against him by Shafi and things are now going to be dealt in the courts as Meesha announced her legal team days before.

Meesha Shafi

However, it was noticed that after accusing Ali Zafar and all the controversy, Meesha Shafi deactivated her Instagram and Facebook accounts.

The female singer has very recently talked to the Images and apprised the reason behind deleting her accounts.

Meesha Shafi

According to the Images, Shafi has faced cyber bullying after she accused Ali Zafar of sexual harassment. This led Meesha to deactivate her Instagram and Facebook accounts.

On being asked that why she deactivated her accounts, Meesha said to the Images, “They have been deactivated for very obvious reasons…The abuse, threats, bullying and slander that I have faced is the reason I felt the strong need to protect not just myself but my family, especially my two young kids who were also being subjected to personal attacks online.”

Meesha Shafi

As we are seeing that many rumours about Meesha are floating around on social media, one of which is she’s moving to Canada permanently.

It has been denied by the actor’s lawyer Nighat Dad and Meesha also commented on rumours spreading about her.

She said to the Images when being asked about the rumours, “I don’t pay heed to rumours. The slanderous campaign against me has set back the progress of women speaking up and speaking out by hundreds of years.

I don’t have some PR mechanism to counter rumours with rumours, slander with slander, trolling with more trolling. All I have with me is the truth. And I believe the truth is a very powerful thing.

It’s very easy to malign a woman, but all this orchestrated noise against me is designed to take the focus away from other crucial facts.

Such as, all the other women who spoke up. By making an example of me, this propaganda is showing women that they should stay silent.”

Meesha Shafi

With passing days, new developments keep appearing on the scene regarding Ali-Meesha controversy but truth matters the most in the midst of all the accusations and rumours.

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