Meet Sheeryar Khan Yousafzai | The Man Who Lead Janaza Of Mashal Khan


    When the Molvi of Mashal Khan’s village charged a fatwa that whoever says Mashal Khan’s Janaza will be doing kufar and he has to renew his Imaan and Nikkah. While everyone was afraid of the consequences of saying Mashal Khan’s Funeral, this brave man from a nearby village came to know about the Fatwa stated by the molvi. He took his gun and went to the village in a fury and determination to say Mashal Khan’s funeral. He further challenged the Molvi of that Village if he can stop the funeral. He remineded the villagers of their social duties. He encouraged them and told them what’s right and what’s wrong. The people gathered some courage and said Mashal Khan’s Janaza. Only a number of people came to his funeral.

    Shereenyar Yousafzai is staying in a small place near Mashal Khan’s house. With his gun by his side he challenged everyone to come forward and cause any harm to Mashal Khan’s family. Protecting Mashal Khan’s family, Shereenyar Yousafzai proved that our nation is still alive. There are people who still have humanity left. And if we all become as courageous and brave as Shereenyar Yousafzai Pakistan will be a better place to live. We need more people like Shereenyar Yousafzai. We need us to be like Shereenyar Yousafzai.

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