Mirror Mirror On The Wall.


Cracked lips. Deep dark circles. Black heads. Dry skin. Rough hair. Unplucked brows. Swollen eyes. Who is she? Its not you.

Is it really you or merely a dream? Yes, it is you. Who did this to you. Probably, not you. You weren’t capable of doing this to yourself. He did this to you. The one you believed. The one you loved. The one who meant everything to you. The one to whom you were merely another target. From a cheerful girl to a half dead person in a matter of months. You let him do this to you.

You had a sense of humor. You used to crack jokes. You used to make everyone laugh. You used to be a sensible girl once. Back then you were a girl with soulful personality. What has happened to you. Look up and ask yourself what did you do? HE DID THIS TO YOU.

No, you’re not a weak ass girl to let yourself drown. You were never this easy to be destroyed. You are never gonna let yourself this down. Stop! Get up! Get yourself together! This is not permanent. You’re still valuable, strong, energetic and rare. You’re still that ‘Different Girl’ everyone believed in. You still deserve those hands to protect your heart. You still longed to be freed from your thoughts. Your heart is still thumping, your veins still flow blood, your eyes still blink! Giving you every possible reason to never give up.

Mirror Mirror on the wall? Who’s the strongest of them all? You. It’s you. It will always be you. The worst mistake you can ever do is to make yourself believe that you’re not enough. Its okay if your first love didn’t work out. Its okay if he didn’t treasure you. Just because one person couldn’t handle you because you were too much for him doesn’t mean you should give it all up for a person like him. Life is more than that, there are people you have to meet, cities you have to visit, goals you have to achieve. Don’t let them go for that one person who didn’t care. Its okay to fall in love the second time, there’s nothing wrong in it. Your life doesn’t stop for that person. You don’t ruin your future for that one person. He’s gone, let him stay in the past. I know its very hard to do so but one day you gotta end this unhealthy habit of not letting him go.

There’s nothing wrong in falling with love with another person. Its healthy. There’s no shit like ‘Love is just once’ its not. You were in love with a person who didn’t love you, so what? Life doesn’t end there. Actually the life starts from there. You know what you want in life. You now know how to treat people. You know who is a good person for you and who is not. Your goals become pretty much clear you. Don’t do any wrong to yourself anymore. First love teaches us many things and I guess this is the most helpful thing ever to set your priorities and standards.

So don’t give up for just a person who destroyed you. Instead, be happy. Do new things, meet new people and go to adventures. Live this life! For yourself! Love yourself!


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