Here Is What The Wife Of King Misbah Has To Say About His Career


Cricket is not just a “game” that runs through the blood of Pakistanis, rather its more of an emotional and sentimental attachment that gathers the nation together.






Being noticed with that, we have a huge amount of respect, love, admiration, care and honour towards all our players and when it comes to bidding good bye, its never been an easy task for the nation to handle.

Misbah ul Haq, the man of the team who we have watched and built memories with, on his good bye has left every fan eye teary.






Looking on to Misbah’s success, there’s a lot of inspiration he has left and marked.
As they say, behind every successful man is a woman, it apparently has been completely true in Misbah’s life.
Talking about his wife Uzma Khan who shared a little sentimental story of their bond and of the stages of his success, here is what she stated on her social media account,






“At the start, he would give me Rs 10,000 to run the house and that used to be enough for us back then. And he got me a car so that I could travel to university, where I was doing my Masters, so I always had freedom too. But I did keep hearing – though not from his friends and family – that he was never picked for the national team after our marriage, and it was my “kismet” (fate) that was bringing him down. In some subcontinental cultures, there is this idea that a bride brings her luck to her new home. So I would blame myself for it. I would pray after Namaz, after Tahajjud, that God gives him everything he had wished for. All I prayed for, was for him to get back in the team.”
“At the start of 2007, he asked me to just give him six months or so. He told me he didn’t want to go to any functions or weddings or birthdays. Just wanted to focus on his cricket.
“He had bought me a Sony video camera for our anniversary the previous year. He would take that camera to nets every day, record his batting, then come home and just go to that day’s video during the night. That’s all he did every night. At that same time he had put in our savings to buy a car from someone, and that guy ran off with the money. That year Misbah was playing in England, and I couldn’t go and meet him because we just had Rs 17,000 in our account, and I didn’t know what to do. Thankfully he had to come back earlier than scheduled from England. Because he had been selected for the 2007 World T20 camp… And that’s how part of our everything started changing to better”







Being the supportive half, Uzma surely tried her very best in Misbah’s career and how cute is it to see of how much of a strong bond they have always shared.

“As the team would miss you and as the ground would seem a little empty to your memory, paying a little tribute to your honour towards the team. We are thankful and proud of you Misbah” 

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