Avoid These Common Mistakes We Make When We Take A Shower.


In the heat that we live in it is necessary for us to take showers almost daily.

And also it is important in our religion to stay neat and clean.

Which we being the lazy people we are don’t.

But whenever we do,

There are certain mistake that we make without even knowing.

Listed below are some of those mistakes.

Use of Overly Hot water: Some of the people (like me) have a bad habit of showering with super hot water that has temperature wayyy too high that is good for one’s skin. Hot water damages one’s skin and makes it dry and flaky. It also washes away skin fat leaving skin defenseless which can lead to skin diseases and rashes etc.

Washing For Too Long: Many people have a habit of having long baths and shower. Yes they do feel relaxing and good for a while but the long showers have a bad and harmful effect for our skin. Normal duration of shower is 10 minutes while people can shower up to half an hour or even an hour. Long showers too leave our skin dry which can cause rashes and itching.

Frequent Use of Foamy Gels and Body Washes: 

Who doesn’t like all those foamy gels and bubble bath soaps. Specially kids like all those bubbles and even as an adult i am a kid at heart so i know how fun playing with bubbles is. But it is these bubbly gels and washes that can cause harm to our skin. The more the bubble, the more there are harmful chemicals which damage the skin’s oil layer.

Use of Old and Wet Sponge:

During shower some of us have a habit of having scrubs, loofahs and various sponges and rags that we use to clean ourselves and scrub the germs off. But what we fail to know is that those said cleaning items are actually where the germs, bacteria and mold can easily grow. Therefore if you use any kind of sponge. loofah or scrub make sure to change it every 4-5 weeks.

Overly Enthusiastic Drying: People have an uncanny habit of completely drying themselves with towels. Do not do that. Use soft towels and leave your skin a bit moist. Use creams and moisturizers to keep your skin nourished, soft and healthy. 


So there you go.

Those were some of the common yet unnoticed mistakes that we make when we take shower.

Therefore next time you know better what to do and what not to do.

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