Pakistani Model Saheefa Has Shown How To Shut Down Trollers And Hate


Just a few days ago, Model Saheefa did a campaign photo shoot for clothes. The photos were posted on Facebook for advertisement purposes, obviously. Just like any other person, a lot of people commented on her appearance ranging from cute to beautiful and stunning. However, some people went too far ahead of their limits and started bashing Saheefa for her short hair.

The comments ranged from “Khusra lag rahi hai”, “Larka lag rahi hai.” “You look like a boy”, “You won’t ever be daughter-in-law material” and much more.


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Saheefa came across all these comments and was obviously hurt. Who wouldn’t be angry at comments like these?

So she took to Facebook and started a live video to give a reply to all those hateful comments. And she did perfectly.

She said, “Women who are telling me that I would never be daughter-in-law material are those who have only matric level qualification and are the types who got married right after matric exams.”

She also said, “This is my body and it is my choice what I want to do with it.”

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She further said, ” That if you are all that much ‘Islamic’ you all can start wearing hijabs,  stop watching Indian movies,stop using social media,stop looking at Ranveer’s abs, and stop looking at Deepika’s saree if you are all so good.”

She further stated that we must educate ourselves and not judge people by their appearances. She also said that its not like she eats from someone else’s money rather she is an independent woman. And she asked what was wrong in her being a boy.


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Her anger hadn’t ended then. She said , “That if I don’t say anything against your choice of wearing hijab, or marrying early, or not completing education and why you’re not presenting yourself ahead as a strong woman, then you also don’t have the right to say anything against her or ask about her body preferences.

You go girl. You are beautiful with short or long hair and as long as you know that, nothing even matters. Because what matters is you. And you only.

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