This Mom Accurately Illustrated How It Is To Be A Mother


Being mother is one hard task yet the most beautiful experience one could have in life. From giving birth to taking care of your little child is as hectic as it is to be a President.

Every mother experiences different things in life regarding upbringing of her kid. Likewise, every mother has her own stories that what kind of tricks she had to do everyday in order to calm her crying baby.

However, being a mother, this French artist named Nathelie Jomrad illustrated how it is to be a mom and what are her struggles.

We have previously seen that many artists illustrate how thrown away objects can feel in streets and what a bliss it is to live alone.

But Nathelie Jomrad used her artistic skills of creativity to portray the struggles and experiences of a mother which is totally a unique and amazing idea.

1. No peace at toilet even

The moment you enter the toilet, your kid starts crying and oh no! They don’t let a mother to be at peace in toilet in even.


2. Waking up at 5 in the weekend mornings

Your weekend mornings are also ruined by your babies as they have this habit of waking up quite too early.


3. No privacy with your partner

The moment you have a baby in your life you ultimately forget to have privacy with your partner.


4. Trying some innovative methods

When tricks from books don’t work then you try to create your own methods in order to deal with them.


5. The mess you have to clean minute after minute

Kids make mess every other minute and moms have to clean it up. Real struggle, tbh.


6. They don’t care that you can feel pain

They are too little to care that their activities can hurt their mothers. Be easy kids.


7. Random things of mother are toys of a baby actually

Your heels and jewellery are nothing but merely toys for your kid no matter how expensive they are.


From no privacy with your partner to getting your new clothes ruined and from not able to socialize to waking up early at 5 in the weekend mornings even; every mom seriously deserves an award for being such a heroine.

So, why not take this moment and pay tribute to your mom right now by helping her out or doing whatever she wants. The best you can do now, come one! Don’t wait for the mothers’ day.

Source: Nathelie Jomrad and Instagram

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