Motorcycle Girl’s Trailer Starring Sohai Ali Abro Has Been Dropped & The Movie Is Worth Watching.


Sohai Ali is the cutie pie of industry. She has been rising more briskly since the release of  Jawaani Phir nahi Aani .




Her NEW movie based on the true story of Zenith Irfan, is already challenging stereotypes.





The movie trailer starts with Sohai & Ali Kazmi sitting in a kind of cafe where Ali is shown as a curbing man while having an introductory meeting with her.



The trailer also shows how she has lived her life when her father died when she was too young & how she dealt with all the hardships around.





She wanted to achieve the dream of her father to travel to Khunjerab on Bike.




She has been seemed sad during the mostly part of trailer because of all the unwanted things & negativity of her life.






Mahira wished a Good luck to the release.



The Official trailer is………. 




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