Muslim Man Played To Be Santa For This Little Kid For 4 Years And People Loved It

Muslim Man

A Muslim man named Mr. Hussain apparently became part of the Christmas news as he played to be a Santa Claus for a little kid in London who thought him to be a Father Christmas at first, four years ago.

Going back in December of 2013, Mr. Hussain was seen by the little Alfie when he was walking down the street. Mr. Hussain heard that the boy called him Santa so he turned around and gave him some money, so the little Alfie should really believe that he is his Father Christmas.

Muslim Man

Muslim Man

This Muslim man works as an accountant at an accountancy firm and have a quite big white beard which ultimately gives him a resemblance with the Santa Claus.

The little boy, Alfie, who is six now, mistakenly thought the Muslim man to be his Santa most probably because of his white beard back then.

However, this Muslim man continued the practice of giving Alfie and his older sister gifts at every Christmas and on their birthdays till today just because the little Alfie thinks that Mr. Hussain is his Santa Claus.

Muslim Man
Mr. Hussain pictured with Alfie.

So, in order to bring a smile and joy on Alfie’s face this Muslim man doesn’t stop playing to be kid’s Father Christmas. How adorable it is!

Muslim Man

“Hussain came back and knocked my door; he said he couldn’t go without giving a gift to this little kid who thought he was a Santa Claus. This happened four years ago and we still have gifts from eachother. He also comes to my children’s birthday and gives them gifts; he never forgets the dates. We call him Granded Christmas and Christmas wouldn’t be same without him now,” Alfie’s mother said to the Buzzfeed News.

However, according to the Buzzfeed News, the story of this Muslim man being Santa of a little kid for four years was shared by a professional photographer and family’s former neighbour named Amanda Taylor-Purchase on Facebook who was at Alfie’s home for photoshoot when this Muslim man was also called there.

“…Hussain doesn’t actually look like a Santa. Obviously It is just the beard association for Alfie. He is a little fellow, skinny and wearing a business suit. It’s the sweetest thing actually that Alfie doesn’t see the colour of clothing and the colour of skin, he sees the colour of someone’s heart. The man looked so friendly and welcoming that just because of his beard, Alfie thought that he is a Santa.” – Taylor-Purchase said to the Buzzfeed News

Another adorable thing is that accompanied by Alfie, Taylor-Purchase also took two bags full with gifts as a surprise for this Muslim man.

“I don’t want to make assumptions but if he’s not a Christian man and if it’s not his faith, but he is still doing it for a little boy. So, he is going above and beyond,” Taylor-Purchase further said.

However, after getting to know this story people just loved it all.

Muslim Man



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Everyone loved this story which is filled with lots of goodness and kindness and people wished to have more stories like that.

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