In The Name OF Family Honour


Since my semester break has started i decided to start a movie marathon.

It has been a year now i guess that i have watched any movie at all because life happened and i just didn’t had time.

Hence to start off my movie marathon with i choose a disney classic animated movie ‘Mulan’.

Mulan is basically based on chinese history and was screened in 1998. It is still a popular and well known movie.

This movie is about a girl who eventually finds her princes charming and gets a happily ever after but what struck me was its basic theme.

The theme of this said movie is much related to our country’s situation nowadays.

Ever heard of family honor? Well that’s exactly what the movie is about.

In the movie, ‘Mulan’ will only bring honor to her family if she gets married to a perfect enough guy and bear sons that will be able to fight in war.

But if she is unable to do that she is known to be a disgrace to her family.

It shows typical values of how a woman is suppressed in a society and how men are given a superior standard.

Also how a girl needs to bottle up her true self to just be known as perfect and poised.

But ‘Mulan’ breaks all the norms and disguises herself as a man and joins the army. She fights for her true self and proves herself to the society and even her family.

Watching this movie i realised how it is not at all easy for you when you are a girl but being a girl you have your strengths and you need to be wise enough to use them.

‘Mulan’ shows us girls that its okay to dramatically cry our eyes out and sob like a baby.

But then you need to put on a strong front and fight for what you want.

Even if it’s a possibility that you will end up being dead. As it is better to die fighting than to die not fighting at all.

During her journey Mulan uses her intelligence and her grace which eventually helps to win the war and respect of the general as well as the emperor. And achieves her goal of making her father proud.

This movie for me has always been an inspiration and always will be.

It tells me how strong girls are really are without even knowing. How we girls shouldn’t fight for being equal to a man because no man is ever a match for us.

It makes me realise that being my true self i can achieve anything and everything that i set my mind on.

Therefore i suggest all girls out there and even boys to watch this movie and see for yourself.

PS: That dragon, Mushu, makes it all better and fun.

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