Nashra Balagamwala Created An Arranged Marriage Board Game & It Is Very Interesting.


The mores of agreed marriages is banish dreadfully prevalent in South-Asian societies. A lot of girls are mandatory or emotionally blackmailed into marrying a person, their family chooses for them.


Meet Nashra Balagamwala is a game designer, pictorial designer and illustrator studying at the Rhode Island discipline of Design.

Originally from Pakistan, Nashra offers a rare cultural perspective, revolving controversial and touchy topics from South Asian background into humorous playoffs and illustrations.


She has created a board game which involves three protagonists an auntie & a dream boy as well. That auntie tries to marry off each girl to any boy and those girls try to run away from her & a loves less marriage.

“Arranged!” covers the obscurity of this theme, and gives a stage to individuals to have the capacity to examine these issues in an exceptionally happy setting.



Nashra explained that she wants to tell the west arranged marriage doesn’t mean forced or child marriage. She told how many girls are happy & satisfied with this game who specially texted her to say Thanks. Including her there are many girls who are victim of being forced to get married soon. She has struggled a lot to keep her higher studies continued. This game is changing mindsets & providing a voice.



Pieces in the box


Rule Book

1 Aunty mover

3 Teenage Girl movers

4 Potential Suitors

1 Golden Boy

Deck of Aunty cards (printed with a counterbalance Metallic Gold shading)

Deck of Girls cards (printed with a counterbalance Metallic Gold shading)

Deck of Golden Boy cards (imprinted in Gold Foil)

Perfect Characteristics cards




A very nice thing she added is, she would be donating a percentage of the proceeds for education of children & girls so that they could have independence to say no to arrange marriage cause its their right.



Well even when Islam allows to marry the one we like, so why should keep sticking to the abnormal idea of arrange marriage as compulsory?

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